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  • 11/20/2016

         It is my pleasure to convey my warm greetings to every person who is at this moment browsing through our website seeking information and answers to a variety of questions that he/she may be thinking about. In fact we took this initiative to avail our estimable readers with a variety of data, information and electronic services to strengthen the relation between SSMO and its strategic partners of whom the Sudanese consumer comes at the top of the list, together with all our partners from ministries, institutions, organizations and business men inside and outside the country to serve the purpose of achieving our ultimate goal i.e. creation of positive and effective links with our partners so that SSMO objectives and strategies may be realized. Dear reader SSMO considers the creation of this website an endeavor to strengthen its relation with all parties concerned as well as consumers to benefit from the surge of information disseminating SSMO’s culture, programs and activities and to provide electronic services in an attempt to simplify procedures to achieve customer satisfaction, protect and boost the national economy. Dear reader, SSMO has the pleasure to assure all readers that we would always be strictly committed to consider all your opinions, remarks and observations through this website. Dr. A. M. A. Sokrab, Director General Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization


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