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  • measurement and calibration Services

        Providing of technical consultancy services in the field of measurement and calibration. And Technical supervision of measurement branches offices.

    Unit of calibration laboratories:-

     Calibration of weights and balances.

     Lengths calibration.
     Sizes calibration.
     Calibration of temperature equipment.
     Calibration of pressure equipment.

    Unit of Central balances Workshop:-

     Calibration and maintenance of electronic and mechanical balances and sledgehammers.
     Fuel meters calibration and maintenance.
     Batcher’s calibration and maintenance.

    Office of Import and licensing:

     Conformity and Clearance the measurement equipment and instruments imported.
     Arrived devices samples and measurement tools that enter the country for the first time.
     Issuing Technical licenses:
     Licenses calibration services.
     Licenses maintenance and repairs (equipment and instruments of measurement).
     Licenses measurement equipment manufacturing.
     Licenses the public Measuring.
     Licenses the public weights.


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