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        Acknowledging the importance of the standards and standardization in promoting the services and in protecting the aspirations of the consumers and the national economy SSMO was established to work as an authorized agency having the capacity of dealing with all issues related to standards and metrology, supervision, measurements and calibration.
    SSMO was established in accordance with ministerial decision number 287/1992 and the presidential decree number issued in September 1992, and the national assembly ordinance number 68/1993. In addition, a decision was issued to combine the department of weights and measures and the department of supervision and control, to be the nucleus for the establishment of the SSMO.
    In the year 2002 presidential decree number 74/2002 was issued. According to this decree all weight and measurement regional offices (including all its assets and workforce) were annexed to the SSMO.

    SSMO is directly under the custody of the Ministry of cabinet, which reflects the importance of the organization


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