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  •       His Excellency the Director General of the SSMO Dr. A. M. A. Sokrab urged the SSMO staff members to intensify their efforts and to adhere very closely to their commitments, encouraging them to translate their knowledge into efficient & beneficial activities in favor of the Sudanese consumer and the national economy. He also hailed the strenuous efforts exerted by the SSMO staff menders to establish the STANDARDS CITY. His Excellency also referred to the completion of the Measurement and Calibration projects and referred also to the launching of three new branches in East and Central Darfur states and West Kordofan state with a view to make SSMO services more accessible and within easy reach to all customers and interested authorities in these areas. And to help in making the standardization culture more popular. Dr. Sokrab affirmed his deep interest in the issues of training and raising public awareness especially in those subjects which arouse community concerns. He also referred to the fees charged by SSMO according to the regulations, which are placed to serve the purpose of improving the kind of services provided by SSMO and therefore should not be considered as mere taxes. It is worth mentioning in this regard that this statement came in a ceremony specially organized on the occasion of the graduation of 2nd batch of Measurement and Calibration Technicians at the Calibration Science Centre. Eng. Zeinalabdin Ali Director of the Calibration Science Centre said that the most outstanding feature of this batch is that everything concerning this program has been conducted at the highest level of performance (almost 90.5%) Mr. Y. S. El-lazim addressed the audience on behalf of the team of lecturers affirmed that this last batch is very promising and highly motivated and is considered a real asset to SSMO.


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